Wait until you see what I can fit in a carry-on


My mother and I are avid shoppers…not quite shopaholics, but the next step down. Basically, we love getting bargains on cute things- who doesn’t? 

As a female, I cannot disgrace my species and ignore the amazing shopping that occurred while I was in San Francisco. I was on a strict budget but still managed to come back to the East Coast with one of a kind jewelry and clothing that could only be found in California. From shops on Union Street to the Mission area of town, my mom and I squeezed in many miles of walking to visit what seemed to be hundreds of stores. Continue reading


Drum Roll, Please….


Hello! If we haven’t met, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Leigh, I’m 27 years old, and I’m on an adventure to find out what makes me tick – obviously, certain body organs play a role, but what really gets my blood pumping?

I was the awkwardly shy kid in elementary school who could be found in my room with a book instead of out playing and making friends. I was too shy to talk to strangers and too timid to try anything that I wouldn’t immediately excel at doing.

Now that I’m a fully-functioning adult (for the most part), it is my mission to not have to sit and ponder when people ask what my hobbies or interests are. There are so many intriguing hobbies and interests to be had! That’s why every month I’m going to leave the coziness of my comfort zone and try something NEW to challenge me physically, mentally, or spiritually (or a combination of the three), and keep track of it by using this blog.

My inspiration for this stems from a trip to Costa Rica in 2013. It was the first time I had left the country (unless you count a brief trip to Canada when I was young that I don’t remember and we can all admit that Canada is almost like staying in the United States). During the week I was in Costa Rica, I experienced a language barrier every time my friends and I ventured into town (the Spanish I took in high school only helped me order una más cervesa, por favor), rode my newfound favorite form of transportation- the ATV/4-wheeler, and defied my fear of heights by zip lining from mountain to mountain. I think being in a new atmosphere with a lot of friends also trying these things for the first time helped me tackle my fears and have the best vacation of my life. There are so many other things I’ve always wanted to do and learn like photography, yoga, sailing, and writing my own blog. If they’re anything similar to my experiences in Costa Rica, I’m going to have too many hobbies and interests to list in a couple of years!

Me zip lining hundreds of feet above the river below in Costa Rica!

Me zip lining hundreds of feet above the river below in Costa Rica!

I pulled out my inner-Kentucky and realized how awesome ATVs are - and ate a lot of dirt because I couldn't stop smiling.

I pulled out my inner-Kentucky and realized how awesome ATVs are – and ate a lot of dirt because I couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m so excited that you’re reading this and joining me on a journey that I wish I had started years ago! Hopefully “Learning to be Leigh” will help you realize that it’s never too late to find out what really makes you tick…besides your heart.

I would also love to hear what YOU have done that has pushed you outside of your comfort zone- whether for better or for worse! Please share your story in a comment below.