Wait until you see what I can fit in a carry-on


My mother and I are avid shoppers…not quite shopaholics, but the next step down. Basically, we love getting bargains on cute things- who doesn’t? 

As a female, I cannot disgrace my species and ignore the amazing shopping that occurred while I was in San Francisco. I was on a strict budget but still managed to come back to the East Coast with one of a kind jewelry and clothing that could only be found in California. From shops on Union Street to the Mission area of town, my mom and I squeezed in many miles of walking to visit what seemed to be hundreds of stores. Continue reading


Walking: Exercise and the best way to see San Francisco


There is a never-ending list of things to see and places to go as a tourist in San Francisco, California. In the week my mom and I were there, we knocked almost everything off our list. It was a little hectic and our legs were worn out from trekking up and down hills and chasing buses to get back to our hotel, but it was totally worth it. Continue reading

Oh, the places you’ll go!


August is going to be all about traveling near and far to places I’ve never been before. If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning, you’ll know that I started to get out of my comfort zone when I visited the amazing country of Costa Rica in 2013. I guess you could say I was majorly bitten by the Travel Bug! Luckily, I wasn’t bitten by any of the actual bugs I saw- some moths were the size of birds! Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling out of the United States again for the foreseeable future, but I found a lot of great places in the country to visit to get out of my comfort zone.

San Francisco AKA City by the Bay

A colorful way of getting introduced to San Francisco AKA the City by the Bay.

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