Oh, the places you’ll go!


August is going to be all about traveling near and far to places I’ve never been before. If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning, you’ll know that I started to get out of my comfort zone when I visited the amazing country of Costa Rica in 2013. I guess you could say I was majorly bitten by the Travel Bug! Luckily, I wasn’t bitten by any of the actual bugs I saw- some moths were the size of birds! Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling out of the United States again for the foreseeable future, but I found a lot of great places in the country to visit to get out of my comfort zone.

San Francisco AKA City by the Bay

A colorful way of getting introduced to San Francisco AKA the City by the Bay.

This week I’m going to focus on my recent trip to San Francisco, California, for a mother/daughter vacation. My mom is one of my best friends, so it was awesome to experience a new place with her- it was practically new for her because she had visited there briefly 40 years ago. 

My mom and me...we have way too much fun together!

My mom and me…we have way too much fun together!

For starters, the weather is completely different than the 90+ degree and 90% humidity weather I’m used to in the middle of summer in Charleston, South Carolina. San Francisco’s summer is 60-degree weather and wind that would give Chicago a run for the name of Windy City. (I have now realized that no matter which coast I’m on, I’m never meant to have a good hair day with my naturally curly hair.) It was weird wearing pants and a jacket in the middle of summer, but I can imagine how nice San Francisco is in the winter, since the weather stays the same year-round.

See? Wind everywhere!!! That's San Francisco in the background.

See?! Wind everywhere!!! That’s San Francisco in the background. And I traded in my usual summer attire of shorts and t-shirts for a down vest.

San Francisco is the New York City of the West Coast, except with a few less sky scrapers…and A LOT more hills. It is definitely a melting pot- there are so many different cultures in one place that it felt like I traveled the world without leaving the city limits. One day, we had a German tour guide to take us to local wineries. Another day, my mom and I were the minority on the bus to Chinatown. I loved hearing people speaking different languages everywhere we went- and now I really want to learn a new language! (Maybe next month on the blog…)

About those hills. We did a lot of walking on our trip and it’s the only vacation where I managed to eat a lot of amazing food and not gain a pound. There are so many eclectic neighborhoods that make up San Francisco, so we would try to see a new one each day. We would take a bus to our destination and literally walk until we could walk no more. This included panting to the top of a hill and hoping our toes didn’t come through the fronts of our shoes on the way down. 

Holy hills! It's rare to see women in heels with these inclines.

Holy hills! It’s rare to see women in heels with these inclines.

My mom and I crammed so much into the week that we were there that it will take multiple posts for me to tell you all about it! Be on the lookout for the awesome attractions we saw, the wine country we toured, and all of the shopping we did- somehow we managed to cram everything we bought back into our suitcases for our flights home! 


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