I need a muzzle.


I’m a few days into my new gluten-free lifestyle. I wish I could tell you that it’s SO easy and I haven’t been dreaming of eating bread…but I can’t. In my 27 years on earth, I’m used to eating pretty much whatever I want and trying to change that is no walk in the park.

Yesterday, I had my hand in a bag of pretzels without even realizing it! They weren’t the fancy, gluten-free kind of pretzels either. After that close call, I had another one just this morning! I had a made-from-scratch brownie halfway to my mouth before I remembered the gluten-free thing. AND THEN…I was standing in line for at least 10 minutes at a crepe stand at the farmer’s market before coming to the realization that crepes are made with flour. It took all of my willpower to get a veggie-filled omelet a couple of booths down and not glare at people enjoying their fluffy, sugary, Nutella-y crepes.

Wow. I just read what I wrote and am pretty sure my inner fat kid is trying to come out in full force! Before I made the decision to eat gluten-free, I would have opted for the omelet regardless of the gluten content of the crepe. Since I’m restricting myself, of course I wanted the sugary, less nutritious crepe! It goes without fail that humans want whatever we can’t have.

So yes, eating gluten-free is difficult. It’s even more difficult when 99% of people around you are chowing down on anything and everything containing gluten. HOWEVER, Whole Foods has this amazing gluten-free cookie dough from EatPastry waiting for you to scoop it onto a cookie sheet and bake it into chewy goodness in the oven whenever you feel too overwhelmed with finding something you CAN eat.

Guess what should be in your fridge? EatPastry's Vegan AND Gluten Free chocolate chip cookie dough!

Guess what should be in your fridge? EatPastry’s Vegan AND Gluten Free chocolate chip cookie dough!

If you were wondering what to do this weekend, here you go. Pull out your cupcake patterned apron (unless you have a more macho apron, of course) and bake some cookies. If you don’t have a Whole Foods near you, check out http://www.eatpastry.com to find out where to purchase their products in your state.

3 days later, my cookies are still just and chewy and delicious! It's a miracle that I didn't eat all of them in less time!

3 days later, my cookies are still just and chewy and delicious! It’s a miracle that I didn’t eat all of them in less time!

Have a wonderful gluten-free weekend! Let me know if there are any other recipes or products out there I need to try to make eating gluten-free easier!


6 thoughts on “I need a muzzle.

  1. Connie Coleman

    Leigh, I have heard if you go gluten free, it gets rid of all joint pain??? Is this true and if it is, I need to stay off gluten to protect my knees and of course my fabulous tennis career!!!

    • Connie, I’m not sure about all joint pain, but eating gluten and pretty much any processed food will lead to joint inflammation and pain. It would probably be worth it to try going gluten-free for a month to see if you notice any difference! (There are also gluten withdrawals, such as fatigue- the effect of the withdrawals depends on how much gluten you’ve been eating.)

  2. Shonda

    Great blog, Leigh! Sometimes we get Pillsbury’s gluten fee cookie dough and pizza dough. Both are delicious and under the other cookie dough near the eggs (at Publix). Also, there is a pre-made crust by Mama Murphy that is tasty.

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