Make your planks harder…if you dare!


If you started the 30 Day Plank Challenge with me, then you’re probably as bittersweet about the last day as I am. There were times I had to put my knees on the ground because my core didn’t get as strong as the 30 Day Challenge thought it should be at the end of the month. And if we’re going to be honest with each other, it got really boring holding a plank for more than a couple of minutes. Or maybe I have undiagnosed ADD.

During my journey of planking, I came across a lot of variations of planking that complement and increase the benefits of a regular plank. Learn about these variations at the following link for Women’s Health (a great magazine for women that either want to get in shaper or already are in shape) demonstrating a few ways to switch up your challenge.

(Sorry, but you will have to manually copy and paste this link.)


This photo from Women’s Health demonstrates a rotating plank. I don’t have the balance for this particular variation,but good luck to you!

If you haven’t started the challenge yet or are still working toward the end of the 30 days, I recommend incorporating some of these variations into your daily planking so that you don’t get as bored as I did. The link will show you ways to do a side plank, and if you’re feeling super athletic, you can do a plank into a push up and go back up into a plank. I tried this one for “fun” and quickly realized how much upper body strength is necessary. If you are trying to get a great upper body, try this!

As a result of the 30 Day Plank Challenge, I do feel that my core is stronger, but I didn’t notice a visible difference. We all want abs of steel, but don’t get discouraged if you haven’t noticed a visible difference either! I promise that your muscles are so much stronger than they were on Day 1 regardless of the lack of a six-pack staring back at you in the mirror. Like I said in my last post, planking works best as an addition to the workouts you’re already doing and you should feel the difference in your posture and other exercises that you do. Maybe you’re walking a little taller? I know I am!

I’m going to continue planking as a part of my workout program and hope you’ll do the same. Let me know what you thought about the 30 Day Plank Challenge or if you’re excited about starting it! I hope you’ll continue to join me as I start a new challenge to get me out of my comfort zone next month!


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